Sacred Heart Parish Renewal

Parish Renewal -  March 26 - 29, 2017

"Return, Renew, Rejoice"

The Parish Renewal is an opportunity to renew our Catholic faith. The services consist of a proclamation of the Word of God, preaching and reflection, singing and praying together - followed each night with refreshments. Fr. Greg Schmitt, a Priest of the Redemptorist Order will be our Renewal leader. There are 4 sessions, Sunday through Wednesday, each beginning at 7:00 PM.

If you have abandoned the faith of your youth, or have been on again, off again in the living of your Catholic religion, or if you feel the need for spiritual growth, this Renewal is for you. It is for everyone, but especially for you and your family

It will be a grace filled happening - an opportunity to experience, in a special way, the wonderful and incredible presence and love of God.